I'm Into IT To The Core

Wherever I’ve been, my managing skills had been noted and finally I’ve been promoted to direct people and projects, arrange and create systems. Nevertheless I realized that I have to dig deeply into technologies. I’ve never stop to learn new. Honestly, I really enjoy getting knowledge. Here are some last attained certificated, including

Among other things, during my work in software sales I’ve obtained myriad certificates in sales and technical fields by the world famous software giant corporation such Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, etc. Part of those you can see here. There are even a couple signed by Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer (my special pride :))

Some technologies I familiar with and my expertise in:

My Skill
Python programming 30%
My Skill
Managing 95%
My Skill
Automating testing 40%
My Skill
API testing 70%
My Skill
Mobile testing 55%
My Skill
Backend testing 60%
My skill
UI testing 95%
My Skill
DataBase scripting 50%
My Skill
JIRA/Confluence + TestRail administration 80%
My Skill
Git using 50%
My Skill
Requirements development 85%


It’s obvious, working in a huge international financial company, I can’t share my code I’ve written for them. Therefore, on my GitHub you can see some my educational and fun projects

So, I’m waiting your offers

And please do not suppose that I’m looking something out of ordinary or high status/rate position. I’ll be glad to consider just a good job with a nice team

Let me help your project bloom

Got a position? Let’s talk

The paramount area – Bay Area. I’m opened to a dialog. Just type me.

"Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
Thomas A. Edison